• In-Person Tutoring

    For hands-on lessons, Jeff provides flexible, in-person services.

  • Virtual Tutoring

    Accommodating busy schedules, purely virtual tutoring services are available at your convenience.

  • Hybrid Tutoring

    Utilizing the available technology, Jeff supplements in-person tutoring sessions with material from various online sources.

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At Home and Virtual Tutor

Tutoring by Jeff was created to continue offering educational and enrichment support to students outside of their classrooms. With over 25 years of experience as a teacher in elementary education environments, I have the patience, persistence and passion to provide your child with a hunger for education and to give him/her the confidence needed to be successful, both inside and outside of the classroom.

My customized offerings allow you the flexibility to provide your child with educational support in-person, virtually or by combining both on-site tutoring and Skype support as a hybrid package. All children learn differently and require specific attention to their strengths and opportunities. I provide the expertise and experience to assess learning styles and to create the ideal learning environment for your student.

Tutoring sessions are customized with two goals in mind:
  1. Creating an effective learning environment for your student that is also enjoyable
  2. Inspiring in your student the eagerness and determination he/she needs to become a successful student for life

All students have the potential for excellence if they are guided down the correct path for their specific needs. I provide guidance and instill confidence for their journey through academics and beyond.


Virtual Only: $30/hr (Within any service area)

Red Service Area: $35/hr

Green Service Area: $45/hr

About Jeff Sizer 

I taught elementary-age children for 27 years in Iowa and Colorado. My main focus of instruction is on Math, Reading, Social Studies, and Study Skills. I am married and have two adult daughters and one grandchild. I enjoy many types of music. I am a guitarist, vocalist, and a writer of poetry and parody.

I earned my Bachelors of Arts degree in Elementary Education Teaching from the University of Northern Iowa. My Masters of Education was earned from the University of Northern Colorado. My degree was in Curriculum and Instruction with an emphasis on Reading.

I am committed to providing a supportive, enriching learning experience for elementary-age students through my tutoring. Besides serving as a teacher, I have been an administrative assistant to our principal and was responsible for school safety. As a prevention specialist, I worked with K-12 students and staff focusing on drug/alcohol abuse-prevention and violence prevention. Outside of the school setting, I have been a small business owner. With each student, I use my variety of real-life experiences to weave life skills into meaningful learning for students across the range of ages, interests and abilities.

In-Person Tutoring

Providing one-on-one, in-person tutoring is the basis for my services. By sitting face-to-face with each student, I am able to assess in real-time where the strengths and opportunities lie. Working through various activities and problems allows the opportunity for tactile learners to be provided with additional practice within each subject and for him or her to work through challenges with the confidence that assistance and coaching is nearby.

Each student I work with has their own set of strengths and opportunities. I utilize our time together to assess each student's capabilities and create lesson plans that will continue to build on the parts of learning that are most enjoyable. In-person tutoring sessions also give students the chance to share the fears and concerns they have about pursuing specific subjects. Each time we meet, I am able to build upon the learning foundation your student already has, to provide him/her with tools to reach the next level and to instill the confidence needed to be a successful participant in the classroom.

Students that participate in face-to-face tutoring sessions have shown an improvement in coursework almost immediately. The level of engagement in the classroom and the confidence completing assignments proves the value of in-person and hands-on enrichment for elementary-aged students. Many do not receive one-on-one attention in the classroom and it is important for each student to know that his/her progress is important and there is someone available to answer questions if things get tough.


Virtual Tutoring 

Virtual tutoring services are provided with the assistance of Skype to work with students on pre-assigned work. Subject material can be shared on-screen and via whiteboard. I will tutor students by demonstrating subject skills and ask them to do the same as we progress through school assignments or supplemental enrichment material.

For students outside of the service area or for those who have already gained the confidence to work independently, virtual tutoring sessions are highly recommended. Virtual correspondence is most appropriate for students who understand the basis for the subject matter, but require extra explanation when completing assignments. It can be the difference between a surface understanding and a more in-depth comprehension of the material. Students who most benefit from this type of session have seen long-term benefits in overall academic behavior, including: increased engagement, interest in pursuing more challenging activities and improvement in core coursework.

Many students thrive when provided with coursework that challenges them. It is important, and part of my curriculum, to continue to progressively push students to reach the next level of academic success. When a student plateaus, he/she gets bored and schoolwork suffers. Virtual tutoring allows us to work together on more challenging assignments and continue to inspire a hunger for knowledge. 

Hybrid Tutoring  

Combining both one-on-one, in-person tutoring sessions and virtual support via Skype, I will assist students with the learning tasks most challenging to them. This option gives students the opportunity to practice their skills within assigned subjects while still having the support in-person or on-line, depending on the complexity of the subject and the confidence of the student.

For students with hectic schedules, hybrid tutoring sessions are ideal. This option allows us the opportunity to meet in person to cover the bulk of the material, practice with confidence and build the knowledge base. Between in-person tutoring sessions, I meet with students via Skype to review material, brush-up on skills and continue to progress through subjects that do not require hands-on instruction.

Hybrid tutoring is also beneficial for students wanting enrichment activities between on-site sessions to improve understanding in a specific subject.It is an effective technique that encourages engagement and fosters independence in students who are still learning how to complete tasks on their own. Students who participate in hybrid tutoring sessions show improvement in their independent studies and confidence in completing more challenging coursework.
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